• Wax or Polish This Summer?


    To wax, or to polish, that is the question.

    To protect your car we need to keep it out of the sun and prevent oxygen from coming in contact with the paint. Easier said than done.  


    It took energy to create the beautiful machine that you drive lots of. But with too much sun, your car could get damaged. Sun energy in the form of heat and solar radiation, will return your vehicle to the materials it originally came from. The oxide of most materials is more stable than its pure form, just as objects fall to states of lower energy so does everything else seek states of lower energies.

    Plastics, metals, paints and fabrics will seeks lower states of energy in the presence of energy and oxygen.  Driving your machine on a sunny day is half the fun, but where possible find shade.

    The only option we have is to prevent oxygen from coming in contact with the vehicle. We do this by covering our vehicles with wax. Wax forms an inert barrier that keeps the oxygen at bay. This wax wears away with time and it need to be replenished.


    Wax or polish?

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    There’s a lot of talk about wax or polish what’s better etc. There is also a lot of marketing hype that confuses the issues and misinforms people. Basically, a wax is a synthetic or naturally occurring substance that adheres to a surface, forming a barrier between the substrate and the environment. Stay with me it’ll make sense in the end.


    A polish is a substance that contains a wax for protection but it also contains mild abrasives, solvents and other cleaning compounds. If your car is 100% free of foreign matter on its surfaces, by all means use a 100% protective wax. Most general punters working on their car on the weekend are better served by a good polish; as you don’t want to seal in the dirt under the wax.


    Dirt yes, this is the real culprit, as its oxygen differential on the surface that lead to accelerated oxidation or deterioration of your paint. No dirt, oxygen is evenly spread across the surface no problem. Introduce dirt, oxygen and energy from the sun, and of it goes, electro-chemical reaction, oxidation of the pain. Commonly called dead paint, rough paint, chalky paint. That’s when the car needs surgery, a cut and polish to remove the dead paint, make sure you get a good surgeon otherwise your beauty could die on the detailing floor, but that’s a whole new topic.

    Tips to keep your car at it’s best:

    Hand wash regularly 2-3 times per week to prevent dead paint, if you can’t wash a minimum of once per week your car will deteriorate regardless of what else you do. Polish monthly and wash weekly will keep it looking new for many years.