• Total Costs Of Your Car Wash.

    What’s the price of a good clean?

    Blue Planet at South Melbourne was built not only to be self sufficient in water resources, but also to have a small footprint on nature as a whole, with minimum cost to the planet.

    The hand car wash and detailing bays were design to make maximum use of space, power and of course water.

    The biggest efficiencies at blue planet hand carwash are to do with power consumption and its use. The trend presently and over the past 20 years is to employ labour saving machinery. For instance, most new car washes, particularly the big brands, all use blowers for drying your car. The economic rational for this is very strong, if you value CO2 output as having a zero cost. In other words, you give no consideration to the environment.

    Hand drying a car costs approximately $1.66 per car, compared to 30 cents for mechanical drying. (Hand drying assumes 5 minutes at $20/hr. Mechanical 100KWatts for 5 minutes 36 cents /kwatt.)

    From the employers point of view the short term personal economic argument is a no brainier.From a long term world perspective point of view, this type of approach is disastrous to us all, in particular future generations that will have to pay for the lack of restraint been shown by most of our industries today.
    Total cost of your car wash is much more than just what comes out of your wallet.

    Just like the best diet is natural unprocessed foods, so to is your car wash, natural elbow grease with the least amount of mechanical processing results in the lowest total cost.
    Think about that when you visit your hand car wash next.