• Summer Car Enjoyment

    Enjoy your car this summer

    Come say hello at blue planet this summer to get your car looking its best, then show it off on our Melbourne sunny days!

    Imagine your clean shining machine reflecting the sun rays on a bright summer day. That is the dream we work hard for. What else can we ask for in our Australian summers? When weather is quick to change and unpredictable, a moment of sun is not taken lightly. Make the most of these moments with your car at it’s best. At Blue Planet we toil endlessly to
    make this dream a reality.

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    We offer restoration work on your paint, deodorisation to stop the deterioration of your cabin, and to make the ride enjoyable.

    Not to mention, cut and polish, steam cleaning, and waxing.  With passion and elbow grease, that’s how we are the best at what we do. We’ve been doing it longer than anyone else.

    We do the best and only use the best, because it costs less in the long run. Come and try one of our many services:

    Diamond Polish from $89.90

    Platinum Package from $59.90

    Gold Package from $49.90

    Silver Package from $39.90

    Bronze Package from $23.90

    Spring Clean from $69.90

    Click here to see more service details!