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  • Spring Clean from $89.90

    SPRING CLEAN blue planet

    All cars need one sooner or later.

    The kids, the dog, the gardening or the handy man in the family are usually to blame. This services puts it right. Also includes a Bronze Wash

    The Benefits:

    The Wash:

    Our thorough but delicate 2 stage wash ensures only the dirt and dust particles are removed from your car.

    Stage one uses recycled water to remove the dirt grime and dust from the upper part of your car. The bird droppings, insects, mud and dust is removed using recycled water and our specially formulated detergents made for the upper layer of your car. The unders of your car are then cleaned with a different detergent that does not differentiate between dirt and grime, and your cars wax and polish that protects the upper duco, so your car is cleaned from top to bottom without damage to the paint.

    Stage two uses rain water that has been filtered and optimal pH levels maintained to rinse any final stubborn dirt leftover on the car.

    Finally your car is fully dried using a combination of compressed air, and chamois.

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    The Clean:

    Your car is given the ultimate spring clean treatment. We take care of any internal odours, stains, spills or any type of accident so you can simply enjoy driving your car.

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    Why Not Add?

    Before you make a decision why don’t you take a look at the extras we can do for your car to really bring out that new car shine!

    Add tyre glossing the wheels to give it that new car showroom shine and dust the dashboard and console

    If you concerned about your cars showroom shine we can also protect your duco by upgrading to include our Dupont Teflon coating?

    It wouldn’t be a luxury car spa if we didn’t complete the job without giving the duco a coat of Dupont famous Teflon, which allows water to bead on the surface for up to 21* days further protecting your car.

    Our detailing team can also deal with any nastie’s on the body such as bird droppings, sap, cement or paint that is now an unwanted part of your car.

    We can take care of any internal odours, stains, spills or any type of accident so you can simply enjoy driving your car.

    • Upgrade to the Diamond Polish from $20
      Leather Conditioning from $40
      Vinyl Dressing from $40
      Engine Steam from $40
      Tyre Polish/Teflon/Windows cleaned from $10 each

     Car Detailing:

    • Clay and Polish from $130
      Mini Detail from $190which includes a heavy duty wash including door jambs and engine followed by a Clay and Polish with a spring clean for the inside.
      Paint Restoration from $189
      Paint Protection from $390
      Full Interior detailed from $169
      Full Car detailed from $330

    4WD and Larger vehicles charged extra.
    These prices are an indication only and do not apply to all vehicles.
    These services and prices are not suitable for all vehicles.
    Blue Planet Management reserves the right to decide what is appropriate for each vehicle.

    Extra charges: All prices listed are indicative only. Blue Planet reserves the right to change prices without notice or explanation at any time.
    Disclaimer: Notwithstanding negligence we accept no responsibility for any breakdowns that may occur while the vehicle is in our care. It’s your duty of care to ensure that the vehicle presented to us is safe to be worked on and is mechanically sound and able to withstand the treatment requested. Blue Planet does not guarantee the end result of any work performed as this is governed by many factors beyond our control. All warranties made are done so by the chemical supplier.