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  • How To Protect Your Car In Melbourne Summers

    Prevent Damage To Your Car This Summer

    How can you protect your car in Melbourne’s unpredictable weather?

    Last post we discussed the environmental deterioration of the exterior of your car in Melbourne, now we are talking Melbourne’s irregular summers. We found that dirt, sun and oxygen are a deadly combination to your car.

    By stopping any one of these, you prevent the electro-chemical process that kills the exterior of your car. The interior is different, because most internal surfaces are not prone to oxidation. The interior is not exposed to the same dirt levels of the exterior, and it only receives a fraction of the solar radiation as well. Melbourne’s weather always promises a change.

    What are the issues in maintaining a like new interior in Melbourne’s climate? Wear, tear and high temperatures.

    The more a car is used, the grubbier it becomes. Wearing of surfaces with contact, such as pedals, steering wheels, carpets and floors. We’re not too concerned with this type of problem, as all those items can be replaced at relatively low costs when the time comes.

    The big issue is grease, oils, and fats left behind on everything you touch. From the seats, to the steering wheel, to the door handles and so on. Fortunately, an interior shampoo or steam clean will remove this issue. Unlike the cut and polish, this type of interior detailing has little risks unless the fabric is frail due to over wearing. The results are excellent.


    High temperatures inside the car during Melbourne’s over 30 degree days will have disastrous consequences. The temperatures in a sealed cabin left in the sun will sky rocket as the heat energy is trapped in the cabin. These high temperatures will kill any living thing left inside. It will also kill your leather, plastics and fabrics. High temperatures drives moisture out of leather, which essential in keeping it soft and pliable. It also drive oils out of your plastics, making your windows impossible to clean or defog. Lose moisture and it becomes brittle, leading to cracking. Moisturising of leather is essential before, during and after summer.


    Some tips for you and your car this summer:

    • Use a windshield reflection guard, leave windows or sunroof open 5 mils, get an interior shampoo or steam clean for your car, park in the shade and stay sun smart.