• How to treat your car in Melbourne’s Autumn 

    Melbourne’s Autumn

    A guide to what your car needs after summer




    The summer is over, and it’s time to look at any damage to your car and take action. It was fortunate that the summer was mild and the damage to our vehicles was less than other years.

    During summer, our cars are bombarded with radiation from the sun, dry dusty air, salt from the ocean and high temperatures that cook the insides of our cars. South Melbourne, Port Melbourne and Southbank get all these damaging factors in abundance.

    A weekly hand car wash is necessary to have your vehicle looking it’s best in ten years time. So the damage may be limited, if not don’t worry bring it in and we’ll discuss what needs to be done.


    Exterior Care

    In most case we want to remove all salt from the body of the car. Even if you live 5 kilometres from the beach, your car will need to be desalted before the wet season. We know that salt in itself is not corrosive to your paintwork, but add some moisture (and its coming) and damage will occur. So it’s best to take care of your car now.



    An option is a hot spa hand wash that focuses on all the nooks and crannies where salt crystallises and hangs around, boot jambs, door jambs sun roof cradles and so on. The car is then resealed with our favourite polish /wax carnauba wax, long lasting great shine and protection. Ready for its onslaught with winter.

    Summer can also damage vehicles duco with acid rain. Sulphur in the air is leached out by Melbourne’s famous misty rain. It sits on the cars surfaces, windows and body, and etches the glass or the paint work. Hopefully you haven’t fallen victim to this, as it’s quite difficult to correct. We’ll advise you as to the best cause of action if this has happen to your vehicle.


    Interior Care


    The interior is the same as the exterior if you are a beach go-er as the salt will get into materials and plastics that make up the inside of the vehicle. Steam cleaning will remove the salt plus all the dirt and grime that has built up over the summer. Apart from this most vehicles will need a thorough prolonged vacuuming to remove all sand, camping left overs, fishing bait, rubbish removal, gardening and so on. An interior detail that includes the steam cleaning will be recommended if you have any of these problems.

    The big deal with the inside is radiation damage to plastics and de-moisturising of fibre and materials by high temperatures. Sun causes plastics to gobrittle and eventually crack. There are no good sun blocks for car plastics. The materials that we apply on our bodies permeate the plastic and stain it permanently. Do not touch your car’s interior while you have sun block on as its very difficult to get of. As a general rule do not apply moisturisers or creams of any type to the plastics inside your car.

    So the only way to limit the damage by radiation is to block the radiation in the first place. Shade at all times particularly during very hot days. This also helps in protecting fibres and materials inside the car.

    Shade is beneficial to the whole interior. Leather however is far more affected by increasing temperatures. High temperatures drive out moisture causing the leather to go stiff and brittle, again parking in shade helps enormously. The inside of the car is a glass house and temperatures rise quickly and extremely high when the cabin is sealed. Leaving the windows down a fraction allowing hot air to escape will dramatically keep temperatures down. Re moisturising is essential with all leather before summer and at the end of summer.



    So to cap off, the exterior of your car will need a hot spa hand was and a good wax. And the interior will need lots of shade and a steam clean. All of these services and more are provided at Blue Planet. Our team are equipment with the knowledge and skills to give your car the best personal treatment.