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  • Car Detailing Prices

    External Detailing:

    • Full External Detail for Dark Cars from $199.00
      Full External Detail for Light Cars from $169.00
      Heavy Duty Wash from $49.90
      Double Pass Cut and Polish from $130.00
      Paint Pad Glazing from $89.00
      Synthetic Polish from $89.90
      Natural Polishes from $120.00
      Cement Removal from $149.90
      Foreign Matter Removal from $290.00
      Sap Removal from $120.00
      Scratch Removal from $130.00
      Oxide Removal from $149.00
      Acid Removal from Glass from $70.00/Panel
      Acid Removal from Body from $190.00
      Aluminium Polishing from $199.00
      Decal Removal from $99.00
      Paint Touch ups from $60.00

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    Interior Detail:

    Full Interior Detail from $169.00
    Spring Clean from $69.90
    Spring Clean plus Spot Clean from $89.90
    Steam Clean of Mats from $10.00/Mat
    Steam Clean All Fibre from $120.00
    Leather Cleaning from $30.00
    Leather Conditioning from $30.00
    Condition Plastic from $30.00

    4WD and Larger vehicles charged extra.
    These prices are an indication only and do not apply to all vehicles.
    These services and prices are not suitable for all vehicles.
    Blue Planet Management reserves the right to decide what is appropriate for each vehicle.

    Extra charges: All prices listed are indicative only. Blue Planet reserves the right to change prices without notice or explanation at any time.
    Disclaimer: Notwithstanding negligence we accept no responsibility for any breakdowns that may occur while the vehicle is in our care. It’s your duty of care to ensure that the vehicle presented to us is safe to be worked on and is mechanically sound and able to withstand the treatment requested. Blue Planet does not guarantee the end result of any work performed as this is governed by many factors beyond our control. All warranties made are done so by the chemical supplier.