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  • Car Detailing


    How is the detailing achieved?

    The main essence of detailing is to clean the vehicle in detail. Cars being constructed of paint, metal, leather, cloths and plastics an understanding of these materials is essential. For instance leather swells with water weakening the fiber leading to gradual deterioration, water should not be used in cleaning leather. The cut and polish seems to be the remedy for all external paint problems. Its like using a sledge hammer to crack every nut regardless of whether its a peanut or a coconut. There are many other processes that are often better in the long term interest of the vehicle. Our philosophy is that less is more. The least amount of rigour, heavy duty, strong chemicals

    Cut and polishing the better for the long term out come of your vehicle.

    Why detail?

    Longevity and looks are the reason we detail. Cars are rarely looked after well enough to prevent them from the deteriorating. Most commercial car washes are abrasive and corrosive to your paint work. People generally want their cars cleaned quickly and thoroughly. Its easier for the commercial car wash operator to use a stronger detergent and give you what you want, rather than explaining that your paint is being slowly etched and after half a dozen washes the crevices will be large enough to support a good vege garden.

    Detailing is required to correct the ravages of nature, commercial car washes general use.


    Usually when cars are bought or sold. We don’t mind our own dirt but were disgusted by everyone else’s. Since were selling the car we don’t mind what’s done to it as long as it looks good, and we don’t care if the shine fades in a weeks time as long as were out of it. So if you have a choice buy the care with warts and all, have it detailed yourself, let the detailers know that you’ve just bought the car and you hope to be the proud owner of it for many years to come.

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    Who should detail your car?

    Obviously some one who knows their trade. When you ask for a price for a detail, if that question is answered without you being asked the basic details of the job (asking at least six questions) you know you are getting a one size fits all. That’s fine if your only concern is short term price. Remember we said that detailing is an end result (show room condition), as a detailer we know the finishing point but where are we starting. A fairdinkum detailer needs to know the starting point and hence will ask you for information.

    Exterior Clean

    Paint Rejuvenation is the process of removing everything that’s not meant to be on your painted surface. This includes all types dirt, dead paint and some scratches. This may include some or all of the processes listed below. As we have said detailing is about an end result not about particular processes. What your car needs depends on what on its ailments.

    Detailing the interior

    General use of the vehicle leads to dirt, stains, odours and scarf marks to accumulate internally. Internal detailing is the removal of these unpleasants

    Without damages to the vehicle.

    General cleaning methods remove such as vacuuming, wiping and window cleaning remove the solid dirt. Stains however require the use of specific, solvents, detergents in combination with shampooing or steam cleaning. The later is the preferred method as it is more effective and it also sterilizes and removes odours.

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